Help One Another Canada empowers immigrants in Alberta and less privileged children and families in Burundi, Africa through education and entrepreneurship.

  • Members of a local association partner of Help One Another

    Members of a local association partner of Help One Another

  • Education sponsorship at its best!

    Education sponsorship at its best!

  • Flour Mill Project

    Flour Mill Project

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sponsorChildEducated children make better choices and can therefore build a better future for themselves and their families.

With less than $1/day (only $240/year), you can give a child in need a chance to attend school for one year.

Sponsored children will have their tuition fees paid, and will receive school supplies, school uniforms, health care, and basic personal care supplies, such as soap and toothpaste.

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There are several ways to help Help One Another Canada Foundation. Some options include creating a Giving Page and fundraising online, hosting an event, or doing a charity challenge.

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No organization is complete without volunteers. Are you looking for a cause to support? We have lots of different ways to volunteer with us.

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Your business can help Help One Another Canada Foundation make a positive change in the lives of impoverished children and families by supporting a project, such as building/equipping a school or community health center, education sponsorship, or a small community development project.

I [Tree Stone Bakery] am happy to support Help One Another for several reasons. It is my belief that one must support his local community, businesses and agricultural professionals, this done while helping and supporting others in need internationally.

Help One Another gives me the opportunity to do just that. Being an organisation based in Edmonton and presided by Jean-Jacques Mitakaro who lives and work in Edmonton, I get the chance to see the progress that is made in Burundi first hand.

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Success Stories

Flour Mill Project

Help One Another Canada Foundation is proud to present our successful partners, the association Dukingiribidukikije birama (Protect Environment Sustainably). They have successfully managed the Flour Mill Project and reimbursed the micro-loan from Help One Another Canada Foundation long before the agreed loan term. They have been awarded certificates in recognition of their excellent work.

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Sponsored Children

Sponsored children have worked hard and succeeded the last school year despite the difficult working conditions: walking long distance to get to school, reviewing their notes in the dark due to lack of electricity, etc. Those who have been among the top 10 at their respective schools have received a certificate.

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